Velayat children’s library-60 years old

The children’s library of the Lebap velayat is 60 years old. It has been serving its readers since 1960.
As the name suggests, its main readers are schoolchildren. Here they take care to instill in children a love of books. Currently, the library’s collection contains more than 117.5 thousand publications. In addition, daily publications are issued here. The rules for storing books and other printed publications are strictly followed here.
The library offers entertainment and educational activities for children. These include book exhibitions, showing films and videos, and listening to audio recordings. Also, with the participation of young readers, theatrical performances based on fairy tales are staged, conversations are organized, and thematic literary evenings are organized. Events are held in which participants make up a picture from these segments, solve crosswords, solve the continuation of Proverbs, make virtual trips.

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