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  • The choir’s repertoire includes “Parahatlyk aýdymy”

The choir’s repertoire includes “Parahatlyk aýdymy”

Teacher of the children’s art school of the Lebap velayat, winner of the “Golden age of Turkmens” competition, composer Dzhemal Reyimova completed work on a new song dedicated to the…

The school is 83 years old

Probably, many residents of the city of Turkmenabat are familiar with this building, located on Omar Garayev street. There is a children’s art school No. 1 of the Lebap velayat.…

A competition of vocal and instrumental ensembles was held

The competition “Melody of neutrality”was held in the center of culture of the city of Sakar of Sayat etrap. It was organized by the Department of culture of the Lebap…

A seminar was held for teachers of art schools

The Charjou etrap children’s art school hosted a seminar of teachers in the specialty “choir Conductor”, which was attended by teachers from all schools of the velayat and the special…