Construction of a new airport continues in Turkmenistan

The concreting of the runway and the area for aircraft Parking has been completed at the airport in Kerki, Lebap province.
The construction of this important object is carried out by specialists of the Gundogdy enterprise. The runway is two thousand seven hundred meters long and sixty meters wide. There will also be helicopter Parking at the airport. The height of the flight control tower will be thirty meters. A passenger terminal and auxiliary facilities are also being built: Parking lots for passenger cars and airport employees, a bus stop, a gas station, a reservoir for drinking and technical water, and others.
Most of the work has now been completed here. At the final stage, work is underway in the flight control buildings.
The airport is scheduled to be commissioned in April 2021. It will firmly connect the South-Eastern region of the velayat with the capital and all the velayats of the country.

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