Turkmenistan: On stage-only comedians

The final stage of the velayat humor contest was held at the Seyitnazar seidy state musical and drama theater.
It was organized by the Department of culture of the Lebap velayat and was attended by young employees of the departments of culture of cities and etraps. Participants performed comic songs, dances, pantomime, showed sketches, read poems. The competition showed that there are a lot of young talents on the ground. Their performances were notable for their content, they met the high requirements of theatrical art, created a cheerful atmosphere, and met the spiritual needs of the audience.
Ainabat durdyeva from the Department of culture of the city Karabekaul palackoho district, Oguljan Ahmerova and Agemame of Azmammadov from the Department of culture Shatskogo district, Farukh Zakirov of the house of culture of Isbas Danushka district announced the winners of the contest.

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