Turkmenistan: Presentation of electronic publications

The presentation of electronic publications published in Turkmenistan was held in the Lebap velayat Department of the Ministry of adalat of Turkmenistan.
It was attended by representatives of law enforcement agencies of the velayat center. Senior correspondent of the newspaper” Turkmen gundogary ” Agageldi Italmazov acquainted the audience with electronic publications produced in the country, their headings, and told them how to use them.
In Turkmenistan, the work is focused on the transition to industry and the cultural and social sphere in the digital system. Providing electronic publications to the population is one of the directions of this activity. Since July 1 of this year, subscription to electronic publications has been established. As a result, readers were able to get acquainted with the materials of all periodicals published in Turkmenistan on the Internet at an affordable price.

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