A presentation and exhibition of Museum exhibits dedicated to the national holiday of the Turkmen horse was held in the library of the Lebap velayat.

Of particular interest among the exhibits were archaeological finds found in ancient settlements. They show that horses have long played an important role in the life of Turkmens. One of them — a glazed ceramic statuette depicting a rider on a saddled horse — belongs to the XII—XIV centuries. The bottom of a ceramic vessel with a preserved fragment of a painting depicting a horse belongs to the IX—XIV centuries. A fragment of the wall of a large vessel with a stylized image of a galloping horse has also come down to us from about that time. All of them were found during archaeological excavations in the settlement Abiverd. A terracotta figure of a horse, discovered in the settlement of Murzebek on the territory Of the Kerki etrap of the Lebap velayat, dates back to the III—V centuries.

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