Art workers of the Lebap velayat were awarded honorary titles

By the decree of the President of Turkmenistan, the head of the Lebap velayat Department of culture Gurbandurdy Tahirovich Saryev was awarded the honorary title “Honored worker of culture of Turkmenistan”, and the artist of the Turkmenabat city cultural center of the Lebap velayat Dilber Jepbarkulyevna Rakhmanova — “people’s artist of Turkmenistan”.

The Decree of the President of Turkmenistan “On awarding of workers of culture and art, artists honorary titles of Turkmenistan” States that the conferment of honorary titles considered their special contribution to the development of national culture, theatre, film and musical arts, journalism, cultural institutions, creation of highly artistic works, training and education of talented pleiad of young artists, the big merits before the state, many years of hard work and developed talent.

Honorary titles were awarded to 12 figures of culture and art, creative workers. Two of them are from the Lebap velayat.

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