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Jul 18, 2020


A notable event in the cultural life of the country was the recently completed state competition of young singers in Ashgabat. Duniyagozel Begalieva, then a student of the Lebap velayat special school of art, took second place in this creative competition. Her success looks even more significant when you consider that she had a dispute not only with students, but also with graduates of the national Conservatory named after Mai Kuliyeva. In addition, duniyagozel completed a four-year study at her school in the piano Department in two weeks, and in other words, unlike her competitors in the competition, She does not have a special vocal training. And, nevertheless, she sang such difficult things as a romance and an Aria from the Opera on the capital’s stage, winning over an authoritative jury headed by the people’s artist of Turkmenistan Atageldy Karyagdiev…
Those who know this multi-talented and purposeful girl intimately were not surprised at her achievement at such a high level. She is originally from the village of Amudarya district Dovletli in the South Lebap. The normal family: mother – accountant, father is a tenant in diancam Association “Pahtachi”, Dunehotel – Mladshaya of four children. Bahar eje likes to sing, and her creative abilities were passed on to her daughter to a much greater extent. Dunehotel graduated in etrap children’s music school piano classes from his first teacher Nuria Kesaevoy. Thus, the further path was predetermined: to Turkmenabat in the velayat special school of arts, and then she learned to master the piano from a teacher Rano Tajikhalova. And all this time Dunehotel never ceased to sing, and taking lessons from Leyla Rasulova in the vocal Department. How well she was able to combine, can be judged by the fact that she twice won the velayat stage of the popular song contest for young performers ” Yanlan Diyarym!”. Today, she calls her mentor a well-known singer from the capital Zhanna Sayan, who has taken over her patronage and is working on developing her vocal abilities.Dunehotel beautiful coloratura soprano, her vocal in addition to music, which attracts the singing of Shadowrun Hojakuli. close and classic. Among the favorite Opera works: foreign “snow maiden” and “Aida”, domestic” Leyli and Majnun “and”Shasenem and Garib”. Her idol Maria Callas, Maya Kulieva and madeniyet Shahberdyeva.
The third creative hypostasis of Duniyagozel is poetry, which she became seriously interested in in the ninth grade of high school. Even today, she has several lyrical songs in her repertoire based on her poems and the music of young Lebap composers. Moreover, he can perform compositions not only with the orchestra, but also with his own accompaniment on the piano. To add to the above, this spring she showed herself in another direction, translating the song “Ashgabat” by the honored artist of Turkmenistan Batyr Sultanov from Russian to Turkmen and singing it in two languages. Moreover, on the advice of Zhanna Sayan, she included vocalization and thus decorated the composition.
“What are her plans for the future?”
– I don’t see my life without art and will enter the Conservatory, majoring in “art of singing” – is responsible Dunehotel.
Well, we wish her the fulfillment of her plans and further success on her creative path!

Dunehotel Begaliyeva – Ashgabat
Poems – Marstal Bektasov
Music-Batyr Sultanov