The artist created an image of the Turkmen bakhshi

Artist, honored artist of Turkmenistan Myrat Baltayev has completed work on a new work.
He created the image of the Turkmen bakhshi in it with the help of artistic means. The artist was able to successfully reveal the origins of the national musical art, customs and traditions associated with it, as well as its national characteristics. As a prototype, the author took the art critic, Honored bakhshi of Turkmenistan Oren Atakov, who makes a great contribution to the development of the national musical art. Despite the fact that the picture depicts a specific person, the work is interesting in that it reflects a generalized image of bakhshi, using artistic means to reveal national features. A well-chosen color scheme reveals the spiritual roots of the musical art of the Turkmen people, its important role in the life of each individual and the nation as a whole. Each detail of the painting has a deep meaning individually and all taken together gives a broad idea of the history and present day of bakhshi art.

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