You can make a virtual trip to Turkmenistan

It is now possible to make a virtual trip to Turkmenistan. This can be done by logging into an online exhibition created on the official website
It is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan and in addition to sections on industry, oil and gas, transport and communications, trade, science and education, health, sports, agriculture, culture, there are pages about the velayats and the capital of the country.
One of the 15 sections of the online exhibition is dedicated to the Lebap velayat. It begins with an article that briefly describes the Eastern region of the country. It includes information about the geographical location of the velayat, its historical features and the main events of the present time.
The exhibition shows about 80 photographs taken in different places of the velayat. They depict modern buildings, historical monuments, natural beauty, economic development, and other features of the region.
Photos of historical monuments, large institutions and businesses are displayed in other sections of the online exhibition.

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