A reception in honor of the International women’s day was held at the cultural center of the Lebap velayat Department of culture.

It was attended by retired women, advanced workers in various sectors of the economy and socio-cultural sphere, holders of the honorary title “Ene mähri”. This title is awarded annually by a decree Of the President of Turkmenistan to mothers who have given birth and raised eight or more children. This year, this honorary title was awarded to 44 women from the Lebap velayat. They were presented with bouquets of fresh flowers and gifts on behalf Of the President of Turkmenistan. And the masters of art congratulated them with their fervent songs and dances.

On the eve of the holiday, exhibitions dedicated to the International women’s day were opened in the velayat Museum of local history, in the velayat, city and etrap libraries. Celebrations were organized in honor of the beautiful half of humanity. And artists of the state musical and drama theater named after Seyitanazar Seydi together with masters of arts prepared a show concert for the holiday.

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