Thomas Bach: “Sport will save lives”

Thomas Bach, head of the International Olympic Committee, held an online meeting with UN and who leaders on the COVID-19 pandemic. The main topic of conversation was the future of upcoming sports events.
The head of the International Olympic Committee drew attention to the importance of sports in overcoming the current situation in connection with coronovirus.Sports will save your life. To stabilize the situation related to human health, it is necessary to return sports to people. It may be necessary to host major sporting competitions. The UN, who and IOC should work together in this direction. As a result, these three major organizations can ensure a healthy future for the population.
In turn, the head of the UN supported Thomas Bach. He noted that in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, athletes, especially Olympians, show a good example, and they can help strengthen the fight against the pandemic.
Also during the meeting, the inhabitants of the globe were urged to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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