They found a temple under the water

According to the daily Mail, a temple that was submerged 200 years ago was found under water in the state of Odish in India. More precisely, it floated to the surface of the water.
It is reported that the temple was built 500 years ago on the Bank of the Mahandi river. Due to a heavy downpour in the XVIII century, the riverbed widened and the water” swallowed ” the temple.
Since then, the inhabitants have forgotten the location of the temple, and even later they forgot about its existence. Even it was removed from the list of the organization of art and cultural heritage of India. However, it has recently surfaced. The reason for this was a drop in the water level in the river.
However, its main part is under water. Only the upper part of it is visible above the water. A local cultural organization is working to save this historical monument.

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