The best tourist routes in 2020

The famous travel website TripAdvisor has announced the best tourist routes in the world in 2020. According to tradition, in 2020, the site held a vote, which was attended by millions of subscribers. As a result, it revealed the winner of the “travelers Choice 2020 – Best of the Best” prize. That looks like it’s a list:

25. New York (USA)
24. Koto (Japan)
23. Tokyo (Japan)
22. Lisbon (Portugal)
21. Marrakech (Morocco)
20. Siem Reap (Cambodia)
19. Cuba
18. Rhodes (Greece)
17. Hoan (Vietnam)
16. Prague (Czech Republic)
15. Hanoi (Vietnam)
14. Bangkok (Thailand)
13. Dominican Republic
12. Dubai (UAE)
11. Goa (India)
10. Istanbul (Turkey)
9. Barcelona (Spain)
8. Mallorca (Spain)
7. Sicily (Italy)
6. Fucec (Thailand)
5. Rome (Italy)
4. Bali (Indonesia)
3. Crete (Greece)
2. Paris (France)
1. London (England).

Thus, the capital of England became the winner in the vote.

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