Turkmenistan: Cotton harvesting equipment – on the line of readiness

In the Lebap velayat, the equipment that will be involved in the upcoming cotton harvest season is already on the line of readiness.
This year, 256 cotton harvesters are planned to be used in cotton harvesting. 166 of them were purchased from the famous company “John Deere”, the rest of the “MX-1,8” brands were purchased in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The use of machines in cotton harvesting can significantly reduce the share of manual labor. For example, let’s assume that each person in one shift is able to collect 60 kilograms of cotton, then in order to collect 10 tons, you need to attract about 170 workers. If, for example, one person collects 50 kilograms in a day, then 200 people will have to go to the field. Thus, the use of so many machines in the cotton harvest allows tens of thousands of people to do the work.
According to the velayat, cotton is grown on 130 thousand hectares of land. This year it is planned to collect 320 thousand tons of “white gold”.

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