According to the established tradition, the main events dedicated to the world health day in the Eastern region of the country were held in Turkmenabat. At industrial enterprises and educational institutions, under the guidance of experienced instructors, classes in industrial gymnastics were held. It should be noted that great attention is paid to the development of high-level sports and mass physical culture in the velayat center. A dozen modern sports schools were put into operation here, two stadiums were reconstructed, and the sports complex with a stadium for 10 thousand seats became a place for organizing the largest cultural and sports events and a real decoration of the city on the Amu Darya.

A mass bike ride was also organized in honor of the significant date. It was attended by about one thousand people. The start was given on the right Bank of the Amu Darya on the territory of the Farab etrap. Then the participants of the large-scale action followed the modern road bridge on the left Bank. The further route passed along the main highway of the velayat center – Bitarap Turkmenistan street. It is home to the first multimedia school in Lebap, a music and drama theater, Rukhyet Palace, velayat library, Bagt Koshgi and other magnificent modern buildings. Along the way, they were admired by marathon runners on wheels, who were greeted by turkmenabats and guests of the city on the Amu Darya.

The end of the mass action took place in front of a sports complex with a stadium, where a multicolored stream of cyclists filled the entire wide roadway.


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