A talented artist creates an image so vividly that the audience perceives it, a favorite actor or actress actually lives such a life. This is clearly seen in the work of the Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Zuleikha Kakayeva.

Her voice, manner of performance, behavior on stage, good taste in the selection of national clothes and jewelry for her and much more create the impression that in fact the artist lives such a life. Therefore, it was not by chance that the meeting, which took place in the form of an interview, and the concert, which took place at the Lebap trade and leisure center and the Turkmen music and drama theater named after Seyitnazar Seydi, caused great interest among her fans. People from the nearby etraps came together with the residents of the city of Turkmenabad to meet with her. After all, the announcement of the meeting with many of your favorite singer was given in a timely manner.

At this meeting, the audience opened Zuleikha from another, previously many unknown side. She told that she herself was engaged in sewing, and she devoted her free time to singing. Then she revived the audience, and answered many questions. She spoke in great detail about the history of the creation of national women’s clothing, patterns and jewelry, her speech  touched keenly all who came to the meeting.

Her admirers were surprised by the detailed knowledge of the singer’s niceties in the appearance of patterns and  their meanings. They do not only asked questions, but took active part in conversations and enriched each other mutually. After such  interesting conversation, familiar songs performed by the singer were perceived differently. It seemed that the national color, which is abundant in the work of Zuleikha Kakaeva, became richer.