We are better off on earth

It seems that the dream of mankind to move to the moon or Mars will not come true. The latest data obtained shows that they are not suitable for life. On the moon, and on Mars there is high radiation and galactic radiation. This was reported by scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“If the solar system is considered from the point of view of radiation, there are no convenient conditions for life anywhere except on earth. Earth is our spaceship. The shield called “atmosphere” reduces the influence of solar and galactic radiation to the lowest level. In addition, the Earth has a magnetic field, ” the Academy said in a statement.

As scientists say, the Moon absorbs 400 times more of the Sun’s rays. True, Mars has this ability 1.5 times less than the moon, but in this case, the galactic rays remain harmful to humans.

The magnetic field is the main necessity. There is no such field found anywhere in outer space except on Earth.

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