The velayat round of school Olympiads was held in the city of Turkmenabat. It was attended by more than 920 students of the tenth and eleventh grades-winners of the Turkmenabad city and etrap tours.

They demonstrated their knowledge of ten school subjects, ability to think independently, and competently prove their conclusions. Young people tried to quickly find the correct solution to these written problems, and to clearly answer oral questions.

Students of secondary schools in the city of Turkmenabat proved that they were preparing very seriously for the tests. 56 of them took first, second and third places. Students of Denau district took 12 prize-winning places. Also, good results were shown by students from The kerkinsky and halachsky etrap. From each stage, 8 students were placed in the top three.

Students who took first, second, and third places were eligible to participate in the state round of school Olympiads.

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