“To see the beautiful is paradise!” Said our ancestors, who lived for centuries in harmony with nature. In light of this, our sunny and hospitable country is a paradise on Earth, where the desert stretches, there is a plateau, rivers and mountains …

Turkmenistan – a blooming garden! Everyone who wishes to visit our sunny, hospitable country will be convinced of this. People say that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.

In order to implement the National Planting Program – an important national task of turning our country into a blooming garden – in recent years, new green areas have been created in vast areas of plain terrain along the Turkmenabat-airport and  Turkmenabat-Ashgabat main roads. Thousands of coniferous trees adapted to local soil and climatic conditions were planted and growing here.

The Turkmen land rich in unique natural places which are beautiful and amazing in all seasons.

There is no bad weather. Spring in Turkmenistan is certainly the most fertile time of the year. She comes to our land rapidly and violently. Already on the eve of spring, from the second half of February, the air temperature begins to grow rapidly. Nights are made shorter and warmer, and in March, the day is usually 20-25 degrees Celsius. There are frequent and heavy rains, which contribute to the rapid growth of plants.

Spring in Turkmenistan is a fascinating period when apricot orchards smell fragrant in a white and pink haze, almonds and peaches bloom, and other orchard crops follow them.

In Turkmenistan, the plant world will seem interesting: it is a riot of spring carpet, when the smell of flowers captivates you, the palette of the spring meadow amazes you. But this riot happens only in the spring. Then the southern sun will burn these spring colors of the Turkmen meadow. And all this is of interest to the researcher, who is attracted by the diversity of forms in nature. Therefore, we invite an inquisitive tourist to visit Turkmenistan to see for yourself the diversity of plant life on earth.

A visit to this amazing country will leave a lasting impression. For most of the territory of Turkmenistan, even the concept of “vegetation cover” in its usual sense does not fit: there is no “cover”, there is no solid carpet of vegetation, as in most other geographical areas. Here is a desert, and all vegetation is adapted to its main climatic features – to an acute lack of moisture in the soil and in the air for almost six months.

Turkmenistan is the archaeological Klondike and the birthplace of the most ancient civilizations, the land of the most beautiful natural landscapes with contrasting climatic features, unique nature, where ecosystems of mountains, desert and sea coexist.

One of the most popular places in Lebap velayat – Koytendag is the land of legends, unique natural monuments, original traditions, valuable in an ecological, scientific, geological, historical, educational and aesthetic context.

The main value of these places is unique landscapes, unique objects of nature, rich fauna.

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