Turkmenistan: Rice care has begun

The farms of the Lebap velayat started taking care of rice.
As in previous years, Lebap farmers planted rice on 10 thousand 200 hectares of land. They intend to harvest 47 thousand 400 tons of crops in the fall. In most farms, the fields were sown with the high-yielding variety “Nukus-2”.
At the same time, work is underway to improve the varieties of this crop. In past years, in the peasant associations “Azatlyk” Sayat etrap, “Bereket” Chardzhou etrap conducted experiments with some varieties of rice brought from Russia. As a result, it was found that the “Flagship” corresponds to the soil and climate conditions of the region. Therefore, this year, along with” Nukus―2″, the fields were massively sown with this, as well as some other varieties of this crop.
In Turkmenistan, certain types of crops are grown in fields freed from wheat in order to effectively use the land. Among them, rice occupies a special place.

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