Turkmenistan remains in the same place in the list

On July 16, FIFA updated the list of national team rankings. As last month, the national team of Turkmenistan and this time took 129th place.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, football teams do not hold meetings for several months. Therefore, all the teams in the FIFA list remained in the same places. The football team of Turkmenistan is ranked 129th and is located between the teams of Sudan and Guatemala. FIFA gave the national team of our country 1107 points.
As in previous months, and this time at the top of the list are the national teams of Belgium, France and Brazil. The highest result among Asians is the national team of Japan, which plays in the same group with Turkmenistan. Japanese football players are on the 29th step of the list. Iran is ranked 33rd, the Republic of Korea is ranked 40th, and these three teams lead the top three teams on the Asian continent.

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