Construction of 737 facilities is currently underway in Turkmenistan. This was reported at a government meeting held under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan.

In the Lebap velayat, too, the construction of all the planned facilities continues at the usual pace. On the days Of the national spring holiday, a four-storey twenty-four-apartment residential building was commissioned. It is planned to Commission ten more objects and start construction of seventeen more.

When the situation in the world continues to be difficult due to the spread of acute respiratory viral infections, effective measures are being taken in Turkmenistan to counter the spread of this disease. Therefore, as in many countries, there is no restriction on movement, mass congestion of people in one place, and life in the country is normal. During spring break, extracurricular activities are held in educational institutions. The national spring holiday is celebrated. Millions of saplings of young trees were planted at national subbotniks. There are internal railway and air services.

Health professionals carry out health education and preventive work among the population. The press provides materials on the prevention of this disease, which gives positive results. Currently, no cases of acute respiratory viral infection have been registered in the country.


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