Turkmenistan: A good crop of potatoes is expected

More than 2 tons of potatoes were collected in The tebigy Ekin peasant Association.
Part of the crop was handed over to the industrial Association of agriculture “Mive”, the rest was sold in retail outlets.
The farmers ‘ Association has grown a crop of potatoes on 343 hectares of land. Specialists of the farm plan to get 5180 tons of potatoes. Until today, only about 74 hectares of land have been cleared of root crops. This fact suggests that before the end of the season, the indicators of the economy will far exceed the planned figures.
Specialists of the farm have grown onions on 27 hectares. They have already collected over 678 tons instead of the planned 675 tons.
16 types of fruit trees, vegetables, melons and grains are grown here. Some of them are already being harvested, and some are still being cared for.

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