Turkmen students studying in Russia can work in their free time

For more than 27 thousand students studying at universities in the Russian Federation, or those who are going to go there to study, there is important news: foreign students can now work and earn additional income in addition to studying. However, they do not need to get a patent.
This change comes into force on August 5, and it is fixed by the decree of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation.
Changes related to working in their free time from school apply only to students who are studying in Russia full-time. This does not apply to part-time students. To conclude a contract with an employer, they need a certificate from their place of study. Also, the educational institution must have state accreditation.
If a student has completed their studies, then their employment contract must be terminated, but they may well be hired as a ready-made specialist.
Currently, there are about 241 thousand students studying in Russia.

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