Tukmenistan : Construction of the second stage of the Lebap cement plant has begun

The meeting held in the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan was dedicated to the beginning of construction of large cement plants in Baherden and koitendag. As previously reported, the President of Turkmenistan recently signed a Decree on the construction of the second stage of these plants.
The Lebap cement plant was commissioned in 2013. This city-forming enterprise is one of the largest cement production plants. Its capacity is 1 million tons of binding material per year.
With commissioning, the plant’s capacity will reach 2 million tons of cement per year. As it was said at the meeting in the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, the builders of the economic society “Turkmen enjam” have started construction of a new stage of the plant. In accordance with the decree Of the President of Turkmenistan, the construction of the enterprise is planned to be completed by 2022.
It should be noted that the company “Tukrmen enjam” became the winner of the international tender, which was attended by 18 companies from Turkmenistan and other countries.

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