In the preparation of future specialists, along with training sessions, various intellectual competitions play an important role. One of the effective ways of training highly educated professionals, contributing to the achievement of high educational results, identifying gifted students and raising general interest in the chosen specialty, are various student competitions and other forms of extracurricular work.

Understanding the importance of such events, Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute named after Seyitnazar Seydi conducted subject competitions for students various levels in addition to their ordinary classes  . High achievements of students at Olympiads are the indicator not only effective organization of the entire educational process of the institute, but the systematic work of the teaching staff to identify especially gifted students and increase interest in the chosen specialty.

The institute is constantly working to identify a capable first-year student and instill in him a taste for in-depth study of subjects, a taste for scientific research.             A well-established system of extracurricular work, closely intertwined with the classroom learning process, has been organized. The institute has created a permanent system of extracurricular work as an element of the educational activities of the departments, focused on working not with units, but with dozens and hundreds of students. That is a system of the university Olympiad movement.

Students of Seyitnazar Seidi State Pedagogical Institute for several years have become winners not only of state subject olympiads, but also of various international subject olympiads.

The first half of 2019 is also became fruitful for students of physical and mathematical specialties.

Third-year students of the specialty “Mathematics” Shukurova Govher and Babaniyazov Haydar, took the third place, won bronze medals at the 13th International Mathematical Student Olympiad, which was held in the Bulgarian city of Devin from 12-17 March 2019.

28 teams represented about one hundred students from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and our country in the competition.

A third-year student of the specialty “Mathematics” Shukurova Govher ranked second at the 6th Mathematical Olympiad of Nordic Universities, which was held on April 26-30, 2019 in St. Petersburg. It is worth noting that the official language of this Olympiad is English.

The student of the III course of the specialty “Mathematics” Ilmedov Mekan participated in the national Olympiad in Mathematics, which took place on May 18-20, 2018 in the city of Yundola (Bulgaria). He was awarded a bronze medal.

Students of the specialties “Mathematics”, “Chemistry”, “Primary Education Teacher, Psychology” in 2016-2019 became the winners of the open international subject Olympiads.

Students of the specialty “Primary education teacher, psychology” Bahadurova Nyazik (I course) and Rejepova Ogulgerek (III course) became the owners of bronze medals of the open international Internet Olympiad of students. 573 students from 6 countries participated in this competition which held on  April 12-13, 2019,.

Students of the specialty “Chemistry” Saparova Selbi and Bahreddinova Ainura won gold medals of the open international Internet Olympiad, which was held on March 25-26, 2019 at the Turkmen International University of Humanitarian Sciences and Development. Guljanova Myakhrigemal became the owner of the silver medal of this Olympiad.

A third year student of the specialty “Chemistry”, Odaev Agageldi, was awarded the gold medal of the open international Internet Olympiad, which took place on March 16-17, 2018, held at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute. Students of the same specialty Orazova Aylar (I course) won a silver medal, and student Narmamedova Gozel (I course) won a bronze medal.

A student of the V course of the specialty “Chemistry” Shukurova Mamajan became the owner of a gold medal at the open international Internet Olympiad, which took place on March 17-18, 2017 at the Turkmen International University of Humanitarian Sciences and Development. Another gold medal at this Olympiad was won by a third-year student of our institute Yalkabov Rovshen. Students of the specialty “Chemistry” Gizilova Gozelnabat and Odaev Agageldi won silver medals of this international Internet Olympiad.

A third-year student of the specialty “Mathematics” Shukurova Govher, having won at the second stage of the open international Internet Olympiad, held March 17-18 at the Turkmen International University for Humanitarian Sciences and Development, received the right to participate in the final stage, which will take place on May 17-18 in the Russian Yoshkar Ola.