A temporary exhibition dedicated to the International women’s day has opened in the historical and local history Museum of the Lebap velayat.

Its visitors had the opportunity to learn about the place of women in the past and today in society. It displays Handicrafts, carpets, and clothing worn by women from different times. A special place in the exhibition is occupied by the national wedding dress with all its accessories, children’s clothing, and various decorations. Photos from the Museum archive introduce women who distinguished themselves in the recent past in various fields of activity.

In the works of artists Sherif Khemraev and Khemra Allashukurov, the image of a woman in everyday life and society was found in artistic embodiment. Ceramic products created by masters maral Atayeva, Dursunsolmaz Mukhamedova and Dilber Umarova also attract the attention of visitors. Fresh flowers growing in vases and displayed along the corridor accompany visitors to the exhibition hall, and create a special festive atmosphere.

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