A temporary exhibition entitled “Turkmen culture is developing and transforming”has opened in the historical and local history Museum of the Lebap velayat.

The bakhshi ensemble performed before the guests invited to the opening of the exhibition on the occasion of the day of culture and art workers, as well as the poetry of Makhtumkuli Fragi. Bakhshi performed songs based on the words of classic Turkmen literature Makhtumkuli. Here, among the displayed values, a special place is occupied by exhibits related to the history and present day of Turkmen culture. They tell about the Turkmen national culture, its role in different periods of history, its study and development in our days.

The exhibition also displays exhibits that tell about the period when Makhtumkuli lived, writing materials of that time, paintings by velayat artists, photos of artists of the state musical and drama theater of Lebab named after Seyitnazar Seydi, who played the role of a poet.

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