In the peasant Association named after S. A. Niyazov Sayat etrap of Lebap velayat, the start of the wheat harvest was given.

Before that, a seminar-meeting was held, which was attended by hyakimi velayat and etrapov, their deputies, chairmen of peasant associations, managers and specialists of the agro-industrial complex. After the honorary elders blessed and gathered the first sheaves, powerful harvesters entered the field and began harvesting wheat.

Last fall, farmers of the velayat planted 130 thousand hectares of land with wheat and grew a good crop on it. This season, they plan to collect 310 thousand tons of crop.

During the harvest, about 400 combines of the “Jon Deere”, “Class”, and “Case” brands will enter the fields. It is planned to involve 2,200 trucks in the transportation of the crop. Emergency technical assistance groups have been created to promptly eliminate possible breakdowns of combines and other equipment.

The issues of creating appropriate working and rest conditions for specialists involved in the harvest and fire safety are kept under constant control.

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