Probably, many residents of the city of Turkmenabat are familiar with this building, located on Omar Garayev street. There is a children’s art school No. 1 of the Lebap velayat. It started its activity back in 1937. L. Bergelson was appointed the first Director. In the following years, it was led by A. Baratov, J.Roziev, A. Loboiko., H. Jumagulyev, S. Nurmuradov, N. Garaev, John.Kerimkulov. Since 2018, the school is headed by M. Charyev, educational and methodological work is led by B. Yazmuradov. This year, the school of art is 83 years old. The age is a solid one, and it gives an opportunity to talk about traditions, teachers, their merits and graduates of the educational institution.

In the initial period of the school’s formation, two specialties were taught here: violin and piano. In the 40s of the 20th century, the school’s teachers were actively assisted by musicians from the city of Ashgabat — honored artist of Turkmenistan, composer, Professor violinist K. Kuliyev, pianist G. Purlieva and other artists. In different years, the school has worked: honored artist of Turkmenistan, Professor, composer B. Khudaikuliyev; honored worker of culture of Turkmenistan J.Rozyev; honored artists of Turkmenistan A. Mazhitov, I. Aliev. Many teachers of the older generation are former graduates of this school. Among them are the honored artist of Turkmenistan D. Kadyrov; candidates of science A. Skorokhodov, A. Ergeshov, L. Osipova, composer B. Soltanov. the winners of the Republican contests N. Khojanazarov, I. Marvida and many others. Many of today’s teachers, such as E. Miroshnikova (piano class), M. Abbasova (accordion class), N. Dorogova (theoretical disciplines), S. rajapova (string Department), O. salikova (piano class), J.Raimova (a theoretical discipline) once studied in this school. Moreover, this list can be continued.

The school has a high creative and educational potential. Currently, the school employs 80-plus teachers. Many of them have higher education, the highest qualification category. Some of them are great employees. These are R. Nazarova (choir conductor), N. Dzhoraev (national instruments), I. Sharipov (accordion class), R. Shamsieva (piano class), M. Ovezova (theoretical disciplines) and others. Young specialists also have high hopes. The contribution of many of them to the development of musical art is marked by certificates of Honor and gratitude.

The school of arts has a great influence on the cultural life of the city of Turkmenabat. Every year, class concerts are held for various categories of listeners. Students of the school show a good performing level, participate in competitions and festivals of the city, velayat and state scales. And this is a kind of assessment of the work of school teachers.


Leila Egemberdieva,

teacher of the children’s art school No. 1 of the Lebap velayat.

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