President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony of the main mosque of the Lebsap velayat. This is reported on the official website Of the state news Agency of Turkmenistan “Turkmenistan today”.

The Central dome of the mosque is crowned with a Golden Crescent. The architectural complex also includes four slender minarets decorated with original decorative elements. The two-storey building of the mosque has a prayer hall with 3 thousand seats.

The area of the first tier is 3 thousand 444 square meters, the second tier, intended for women, is 1 thousand 609 square meters. The most modern construction and composite materials and lighting systems are used in the decoration and arrangement of the main building.

The spiritual temple complex has a special building for Sadak. A hotel has been built that provides comfortable conditions for guests and other relevant facilities. There is also a Parking lot for 390 cars. All objects of the complex are equipped with the necessary life support systems-air conditioning, heating, water and power supply.

The Turkmen leader handed over to the new mosque a relic – a canvas with the Kaaba inscription inscribed on it – sent to him as a memorial gift from Mecca, the Holy city of the Muslim world.

The mosque was also exhibited sacred teperik. As you know, this highly esteemed gift-blessing was presented to the President of Turkmenistan as a sign of deep respect during the pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba, made as part of an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Here, on the occasion of a significant event, the head of state gave Sadak at the expense of royalties received for the works he created.

The total area of the mosque is 5 hectares, and in its two-story building, 3 thousand people can simultaneously perform a prayer service. The height of each of the four minarets is 63 meters, and the height of the dome is 40 meters. There is also a 500-seat Sadak room, a 50-seat hotel, and a Parking lot.

At the end of the Sadak, all participants bowed before the two sacred relics displayed in the new mosque.

According to the Decree Of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the construction of the main mosque of the Lebap velayat was entrusted to the individual enterprise ” Altyn gül — – a member of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of the country.

This IP, created 12 years ago, has a number of social facilities built in the region. Among them are the Bagt köşgi Palace in Turkmenabat, as well as sports and General education schools, kindergartens, residential buildings and other facilities in the administrative center and etraps of the velayat.

Individual companies such as “Altyn bürgüt”, “Döwletli öý”, and “Demir gap”also contributed to the construction of the mosque as subcontractors. The project of the new building was developed by specialists of the IP “Binýat taslama”.

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