The new iPhones will not have headphones or chargers

In the new generation of “bitten Apple” there will only be a USB-C – Lightning cable connecting to the phone. And headphones and chargers will not be included.

Apple said that the presentation of the new phone will take place in September, and it will go on sale in October or November.

Don’t be upset when you read the title of this message! In the new 12th generation of the “iPhone”, the Internet will work seamlessly with the speed of 5G. Two types will be offered for sale: «iPhone» ― «iPhone 12» we «iPhone 12 Pro». The first will be equipped with a screen of 6.1 inches, the second-6.7 inches.

If you enjoyed the capabilities of the a13bionic processor in “iPhone 11-de”, then get ready:” iPhone 12 ” will be equipped with A14 Bionic processor.

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