As in all of Turkmenistan, the national spring holiday was celebrated in Lebab.

It is celebrated on the equinox day among dozens of Eastern peoples as the Novruz holiday, and in translation means “new day”. It has become an international holiday. The traditions of Novruz bayrama are included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Following a good tradition, seedlings of young trees were planted on this day. Thousands of fruit and non-fruit trees are being planted at the event, which aims to turn Turkmenistan into a blooming garden. As a result, millions of young seedlings join the ranks of previously planted trees every year. Once again, thousands of people took part in this event.

On the eve of Novruz, exhibitions dedicated to this holiday were organized in the historical and local history Museum of the Lebap velayat, etrap museums, libraries, and educational institutions. Various events were held in institutions, enterprises, and public organizations. Today, the masters of art performed a special concert program. They came to the festival with their fervent songs, incendiary dances, literary and musical compositions. And folk groups in their speeches, showed the customs associated with the holiday .

On this day, people, following long-standing traditions, went to visit, various dishes were prepared in families, which were treated to guests. A special place among the dishes was occupied by semeni, which is prepared from young wheat shoots and is considered a special dish of Novruz. They were served to neighbors, friends, relatives and acquaintances.

The international holiday Novruz in Turkmenistan is celebrated on March 21-22 as a national holiday of spring.

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