May 25th Solemn and exciting day. The “last bell” sounded for tens of thousands of school livers of secondary schools in the country.

The events dedicated to this truly solemn and exciting holiday began on a warm early spring morning in the administrative center of Turmenabad city of Lebap velayat. The best graduaters of the secondary schools of the velayat, among them are excellent students, winners of various Olympiads and creative competitions, especially elegant with ribbons, flags, white flowers, marched along the main street of the city with a solemn procession.

The main event began in the central square of the city, where a high flagpole with a majestically flashing State flag was installed. Graduates and teachers of schools laid spring bouquets to the State flag – a symbol of the country, personifying our independence and the country’s aspiration for the future.

After laying flowers, a solemn ceremony was held here for the best graduaters of certificates and gifts from the velayat General Department of Education Board. On behalf of the youth organization of Turkmenistan, especially distinguished graduaters, winners of international competitions, intellectual competitions and sports competitions, were awarded with valuable gifts.

At the solemn event, warm parting words and wishes from teachers, representatives of public organizations, parents who passed along with those for whom the last bell sounded today, their entire school journey sounded to graduates.

Graduaters also addressed their teachers with words of gratitude. They solemnly promised that the knowledge and skills acquired during the years of schooling will increase, they will continue to learn and work for the good of their homeland and its prosperity.

At the end of the solemn ceremony dedicated to this wonderful holiday, which marks the farewell to school, childhood, and the entry into a new era of life, a concert was held, where songs about happy life, school years, love and friendship performed by famous creative groups, popular soloists .

This day is the “Last Call” day, filled with joyful excitement, light sadness and the brightest hopes that graduates will long remember, inspiring them to a new important stage in life, getting a chosen profession and creative work in the name of the prosperity of their beloved Fatherland.

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