A temporary exhibition dedicated to the international holiday of Novruz has started working in the historical and local history Museum of the Lebap velayat.

It displays exhibits that tell about the holiday, which is celebrated among the peoples of the East since ancient times in connection with the advent of the new year on the Eastern calendar. Archive photos give a comprehensive view of this holiday. Information about the countries where Novruz is celebrated, the dishes that are prepared on this day, and the traditions associated with this holiday occupy a special place at the exhibition.

It is no coincidence that a millstone, tikech, repide, wooden Cup and others are placed under the picture of the artist Babamurad Karyagdiev “Bread”. All of them are associated with baking bread. There is also a painting by artist Alym Ishankuliyev from the series “Turkmen beauty”. It depicts spring as a girl. Musical instruments, agricultural tools made of metal, stupa, Arba and other exhibits also found a worthy place.

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