Behind the phrase: “the City of Turkmenabat is being transformed day by day” are irrefutable facts.
In principle, you don’t have to bring them in. Because all transformations take place before the eyes of the city’s residents and its guests. For example, just a few years ago, it was impossible to imagine the buildings of the Turkmen musical and drama theater named after Seyitnazar Seydi and the velayat library next to it. Today, these beautiful buildings are a hotbed of culture and education. Bitaraplyk culture and recreation Park has become one of the most crowded places in the city. The national Flag of Turkmenistan, which flies on a 100-meter flagpole, is visible far outside the city and serves as a sign for passengers approaching the velayat center. Rukhyet Palace has become a venue for major events. Celebrations are held in the square in front of it. And in December of each year, the main tree of the velayat is installed here.

Among the beautiful buildings of the city are the hotel “Jeyhun”, a sports complex for 10 thousand seats, new buildings of secondary and sports schools, kindergartens, residential buildings. A residential complex built along the highway leading to the Turkmenabat international airport has transformed the once sand-covered area. The building of the Turkmenabat international airport creates harmony with the local landscape.
The changes in the healthcare system should be particularly noted. In a short time, the centers of “ene mahri”, diagnostics and emergency ambulance, multi-specialty hospital of velayat were put into operation. They differ not only in their architectural features, but also in the fact that they are equipped with modern diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic devices, as well as in the fact that these institutions provide medical services according to international standards.
The main mosque of the velayat, which was built taking into account the features of Eastern construction, added to the architectural ensemble of the city.
This list can be continued indefinitely. All of them indicate that the city of Turkmenabat is becoming more beautiful and transformed day by day. And the improvement of the city creates a General harmony.

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