It is not often that three members of the same family are among the best at a competition. This is what happened at the recent spring tennis tournament in Turkmenabat.

17-year-old Aigozel Arslanova took the first place in the competition for girls born in 2002-2005. And the third step of the podium went to her sister Icona born a year later. Did not disappoint, and their younger brother Mergen. He lived up to his name with accurate ball strikes and became the winner among boys born in 2008-09. Mergen combines a passion for tennis in the city’s sports Center with chess, which, judging by the results, helps him build the right tactics on the court.

All three Arslanovich before invariably became the winners of the regional competitions included in the top ten in the country in their age categories. And they are engaged in modern sports school No. 6 of the city on the Amu Darya. Their grandmother Oguljan Atajanova works there as a doctor, and she brought her grandchildren here. Training with them conducted by an experienced mentor Rosenbury Aslanov. In the past, he is a multiple champion of Lebap, for ten years was a member of the national team of Turkmenistan and he has something to teach his students.

– Thanks to the tireless care of the respected President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, all conditions for sports and physical culture have been created everywhere in our independent neutral state, – says Rovshenkuly Yazdanov. – Only in one of our cities, three modern sports schools have rubber-coated tennis courts that meet strict requirements. And, if everything is learned in comparison, in the old days we had to conduct training and competitions on the hard and hence fraught with injuries asphalt, and only in the daytime, so there was no lighting. And we are deeply grateful to the Hero-Arkadag for all that he does for the people’s good, preparing a strong body and spirit of the young generation.

In the photo: the winner of the competition of Mergen Arslanov; sister Aigozel and Icona Arslanova and second prize winner Ramin Abramov together with trainers Ravchenko by Astanova and Oksana Romanenko.

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