Sports school No. 5 of the city of Turkmenabat is a specialized school where gymnasts are trained. The modern sports school was commissioned in 2011. Ten coaches and teachers work here. There are three hundred and eight athletes in twenty-nine groups.

Gymnastics is one of the most common sports in the Lebap velayat. Therefore, it is natural that the school has its own traditions in training athletes. In Lebap velayat, gymnastics training began in 1963. Over the past fifty years, coaches have accumulated a lot of experience in preparing athletes of different ages for various competitions.

The school accepts children aged six and seven. Training schedules are designed so that they are convenient for students. Those who study in the first shift train in the afternoon, and those who go to school in the second shift train in the morning. Good school performance is a must for all athletes.

The school has all the conditions to conduct training at the highest level. The Director, his deputies and coaches-teachers of the school are assigned offices where they can conduct organizational and methodological work, prepare for classes. And in the medical center, if necessary, first aid is provided, a medical examination is conducted, and coaches, teachers and athletes are advised on health issues and compliance with sanitary requirements.

The school is equipped with all the necessary sports equipment from the world’s best manufacturers of sports equipment, which allows coaches to best direct their activities to achieve high results.

Changing rooms and showers create comfortable conditions for athletes and coaches. And in the training hall there are not only training sessions, but also competitions, including national Championships.

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