As you know, on April 8, dear President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a meeting on health and education issues. Speaking on it, the head of our independent neutral state, said: “the strengthening in our society the principles of a healthy lifestyle in all regions of the need to involve people, primarily the youth to actively participate in sports and mass movement, systematic exercise to continue the activities they promote , which is the most important task today.”

In this regard, our Chardjev cotton gin plant has accumulated some experience and has something to develop. This enterprise is one of the largest in the country. “White gold” is delivered here, grown in the fields of daikhan associations of the Chardjev etrap. The cotton fiber produced by us is of high quality and is supplied not only to the textile complexes of our country, but also to the far and near abroad.

Good physical training allows you to work successfully in production and do without bulletins. Our factory and its branch have sports grounds, created teams in volleyball, football, draughts and chess. And the company’s athletes are indispensable participants in various city competitions. Moreover, the example of leading a healthy lifestyle to their subordinates show managers, first of all, you should call the head of the garage Gahryman Bakiyev.

The other day, an unusual Futsal match was held at the modern sports school No. 1 in Turkmenabat. Here the teams of our and oil extraction plants met on the site. In the first half, “Pahtachi” he scored three goals and conceded only one. After the break, “Uzycki” has rushed to recoup, but reliably operated at the gate the captain of the team and working on the enterprise Manager Rosarot of Jumaniyazov. And ahead of them, the tractor driver Artur Babaniyazov delivered effective blows. The final whistle recorded a confident victory for Pagtachi with the score 7: 1.

Our competitors were not very upset, because in the end, friendship and a healthy lifestyle won, especially since all participants were awarded valuable prizes in a solemn atmosphere.

An interesting match on the modern sports arena of the velayat center was organized by the velayat Union of trade unions and trade Union committees of the above-mentioned enterprises.

Babamurat SOPYEV,

Chairman of the trade Union Committee

Harjevschi the cotton plant. .

Photo by Marstal BEKTASOV.

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