In the Turkmenabat garment factory, the plan for January this year was fulfilled by 135.7%. This means that compared to the same period last year, the growth rate was 117%.

This milestone was achieved as a result of setting up production that meets customer demand, as well as well-thought-out labor organization. Capital reconstruction of production also contributed to the growth of production. These days, the company, along with others, produces jerseys for children and adults with the emblem of the year Turkmenistan-the homeland of neutrality. The demand for them in the domestic market is great.

The results achieved in the first month of 2020 show that the rate of production is steadily growing.

Seamstresses completed the plan last year by 147%. Then, compared to 2018, the growth rate was about 120% and almost 36 million 260 thousand manats were produced.

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