Plastic bottles are not household waste, but works of art

Anyone who has ever visited kindergarten No. 7 in Turkmenabat city paid attention to the unusual sculptures. They are made of ordinary plastic bottles, which we throw away after using the contents inside. The author of these works is the kindergarten teacher Tatyana Shinkarenko.

A woman of amazing working capacity has been raising preschool children for forty-four years. And not just children, but babies with speech defects. In her work, she makes extensive use of works of art. Moreover, she prepares them herself. The room where the group works is decorated with paintings of fairy-tale characters and a map of

Turkmenistan. All of them are created using wheat, peas and other grains as the material. Dolls that live on the shelves of cabinets are also heroes of Turkmen fairy tales, made by a teacher. In short, children do not cross the threshold into a simple group where they will spend time while their parents are working. They enter the world of beauty.
Whatever it takes, it turns out not just a product, but a work of art. Moreover, it is not limited to the design of its group, but tries to ensure that children and their parents, entering the territory of the kindergarten, were in a magical land where fairy-tale characters live. Here and piggy from ” Good night babies!”, giraffe and goose. They and other animal sculptures meet in the morning and escort children and their parents in the evening. All this is made from empty plastic bottles with a volume of 0.5 liters to 5 liters.

These works can be viewed not only standing, but sitting on chairs. They are also made by the hands of the teacher. And most importantly, no cost to create them. Just imagination and old car tires. And it turned out to be unusual and chic.
Tatyana Vasilyevna has big plans for the future. She is going to install new works of art on the territory of the kindergarten. The Central place here, according to the plan of the teacher, will be occupied by celestial horses.
For many years of work and significant contribution to the education of the younger generation, she was awarded the “Watana bolan söýgüsi üçin” (for love of the Motherland) medal.



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