The park has become a favorite vacation spot for residents of the city of Turkmenabat and guests of the velayat center. Especially in the spring, summer and autumn periods, children of different ages and their parents gather here. And as they say, the apple has nowhere to fall. Modern attractions attract them here, the prices of which are accessible to everyone – just 1 manat per person.

The hallmark of the park is the wheel of view, which offers a wide overview. Children and their parents like to admire the beautiful view of the city and far beyond its aerial view. And in the dark, the luminous wheel can be seen from afar and serves as a guide. Guests of the park find passion for every taste and age. For kids, there are swings that spin slowly, for older children – fast ones. But there is one place where older children and people go with pleasure. This is an alley of dinosaurs, where you can get acquainted with reptiles living in the mountains Kugitang millions of years ago. There are always many children in the town of fairy tales, where they love to play on their own and feel like heroes of famous fairy tales, read by themselves or heard from their parents. In short, there are all conditions for cultural recreation of people of all ages.

Previously, there was an old park with morally obsolete attractions. It was reconstructed in 2015 and renamed in honor of the Year of Neutrality and Peace. An artificial reservoir was reconstructed, on the island of which a concert platform was built, where festive events take place, the masters of art delight visitors of the park with their performances. The restaurant and cafe offer visitors national dishes and dishes of other nations, a different dessert.

Residents and guests of the city like to spend their free time here. They express their gratitude to the distinguished President of Turkmenistan for creating such favorable conditions for holding dryness.