The Lebap velayat musical and drama theater named after Seyitnazar Seydi celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first production. It is symbolic that it was the play “Sadi” (author-Nazar Geldiev, Director, people’s artist of Turkmenistan – Abdulla Yakubov) about a famous countryman of the Lebap people-a poet and a warrior. Since then, the audience has seen another 137 different-genre productions on the stage. The largest number of them is accounted for by Mekan Silapov-12, Recep Kabulov-10, Ovlyakula Khojakulyev – 9.

The Lebap troupe received a new impulse for creativity during the period of independence after moving to a new majestic building on the main highway of Turkmenabat – Bitarap Turkmenistan street. There are all conditions for fruitful work, including a rotating stage and separate dressing rooms.

The era of power and happiness is marked by the further growth of professional skills of the troupe, which, according to General opinion, is associated with the arrival of a young searching Director Perkhat Khudayberenov. This can be judged by the names of the performances that he put on and won wide recognition from the audience. These are: “Romeo and Juliet” based on the tragedy of William Shakespeare, the psychological drama ” Mother field “based on the story of Chingiz Aitmatov, the Comedy” Commotion in the hotel ” based on the play by Alexander Vampilov.

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