At the secondary school No. 6 of the Denau etrap, a meeting was held with a famous traveler, a resident of the village of Parakhat of this etrap, Batyr Abdullayev.

The event held by the Denau etrap Committee of the Democratic party of Turkmenistan was held under the motto: “Health begins with sport.” It was attended by high school students and secondary school teachers from etrap. Batyr Abdullayev spoke about the role of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the development of physical and spiritual health, his travels, how during his travels he collected materials about historical, cultural monuments and culture of Turkmenistan, meetings with interesting people.

Batyr Abdullayev has traveled several times, and during this time has passed more than 9 thousand 700 kilometers of distance on foot, and also overcame more than 4 thousand 780 kilometers of the way on a Bicycle. Thus, he visited almost all places of Turkmenistan, and during this time took thousands of pictures of historical and cultural monuments, as well as the nature of the country. The participants of the meeting got acquainted with some of these photos, which are displayed here.

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