In the administrative center of Khojambaz, was inaugurated a new department of communicational service . It was built on the instructions of the Ministry of Industry and Communications of Turkmenistan. A facility with a high quality of work performed was commissioned by the construction brigades of velayat telecommunication enterprise “Lebaptelecom”.

The area of ​​the communicational  department is 486 square meters. It has installed modern digital equipment “Huawei” made in China, which significantly increased the possibilities of long-distance and international telephone communication and high-speed Internet. It is served by 34 specialists who have been trained previously. The territory around it is landscaped and lamps are  installed.

At present, 1680 telephone numbers are served, which is significantly more than before, that  available capacities allow to expand significantly the numbers.   The new facility launching has improved the opportunity of using Internet.  150 users were connected to the World Wide Web from the first days of communication department work.

The postal services will also be provided in addition to the communication services, there is a fax and telegraph too. The “Altyn Asyr” cellular communication office is also located here.

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