Individual enterprise “Altyn Gul” has grown a crop of apples

Specialists of the individual enterprise “Altyn Gul” started harvesting apples. They plan to complete this work in the first days of September.
An individual enterprise in 2016 planted a garden among the Sands near the city of Sadi. 24 thousand Apple saplings were planted on 10 hectares. All of them are adapted to cultivation in sandy soil. 20% of them are green varieties of apples “M-6″, the rest are red varieties”M ― 9”. The garden produced its first crop last year. This year, Apple trees brought a full harvest. It is expected that 25-30 kilograms of fruit will be collected from each tree. This will improve the supply of local apples to the domestic market, and reduce the volume of imports of this fruit from abroad.
Irrigation of trees is carried out by drip, and they are fed with local organic fertilizers, as well as trace elements.

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