In “Mythemes reptiles” is bitumen emulsion

Individual enterprise “Mythemes bastards” started the production of bitumen emulsion.
The raw materials needed for production are obtained here from the plants of the Turkmenbashi oil refining complex and the state enterprise “Turkmendashlary”. Before that, the company produced waterproofing products. Now the list of manufactured products has been supplemented with another name — bituminous emulsion. These materials, which are necessary in the construction industry, are sold in the domestic market and abroad. Now the company exports its products to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkey. We are working hard to find clients in other countries as well.
The individual enterprise “Mizemez ghadam” is one of the enterprises of the country where effective work on production of construction materials is carried out. It was established 26 years ago. They are engaged in the production of construction materials not previously produced in Turkmenistan, and are constantly working to expand the scale of production.

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