Over the millennia, the fame of Turkmen horses has spread throughout the world and has reached our days. Their exceptional endurance, extraordinary strength and incomparable beauty opened up to the world. Our Solar Earth is considered the abode of horses. The fate of the Turkmen was inextricably linked with them. A man with Turkmen blood in his veins never called a horse an animal, and he was respected as his closest confidant.

In the first half of the 19th century, the Hungarian scientist and traveler Arminius Vambury went to the Turkmen land and wrote about our horses: in fact, the sons of the Turkmen steppe love these wonderfully created creatures even more than their sweet souls. “Their speeches and stamina are not empty or exaggerated nonsense.”

The celebration of the Day of the Turkmen Horse in Turkmenistan with great solemnity has now become a noble tradition. Competitions of our winged horses are organized in modern equestrian complexes in all regions of the country. The creation of the International Horse-Akhal-Teke Association in our country is a sign of respect for our horses.

For centuries, fast horses have been a reliable companion of our ancestors both in happy and in difficult days. In our model literature, in ancient manuscripts, they are praised. Even today, horses continue to inspire creative people.


Feruza Khanova,

teacher at children’s art school number 1 in the province of Lebap.

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