Hot auctions in the ice cream market

In recent years, attention has been drawn to the fact that the volume of trade in ice cream is growing on the world market. Experts expect that in the coming years, the volume of trade in ice cream will increase by 4-5 percent.

According to statistics, in 2018, the world sold ice cream for 58 billion US dollars. According to forecasts of “Statistic” by 2024, the volume of ice cream sales will grow to 75 billion dollars. Another statistical group, the IMARC Group, predicts that by 2022, $ 78 billion worth of ice cream will be sold worldwide.

Last year, the total value of exported ice cream was 4.1 billion dollars. Most of all, this sweetness was sent abroad by France. The volume of ice cream exports in this country was 557 million dollars. This figure is $ 556 million for German companies, $ 423 million for Belgian companies, and $ 314 million for Dutch companies. The United States exported $ 250 million worth of ice cream.

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